About Joseph

My name is Joseph Yates and I am an Associate Architect and Construction Inspector for AECOM at Kennedy Space Center, Florida and a part-time blogger.  I have previously worked as a Junior Job Captain at HKS Architects in Orlando, Florida and Senior Town Planner at Eatonville, Florida.  I earned his Master's and Bachelor's of Architecture degrees from Florida A&M University.

The Gentleman's Handbook 101 gives me an opportunity to share my interests and passions with other like minded individuals who have similar interests.  You will find articles ranging from the latest finance news to design/construction technology to the latest in men's fashion and relationships.  I've always had an interest in architecture, money, travel, and sports and as I have gotten older and the internet has made it easier for me to access and be aware of current events in those fields, I wanted to be able to share those topics with others.

Blogging is a new venture for me, but so far has been very exciting and interesting.  I hope that you enjoy my articles half as much as I enjoy writing them and sharing with you!


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