DRESS CODE: 25 Infographics for Men's Suits from Around the Web (2017)

No matter who you are or what you do, at some point in your life every guy has to wear a suit.  Whether it's for church, a job interview, a formal event, or you're just looking to dress to impress, it helps to know the basics before you go out shopping for the right suit and putting it all together.

When it comes to wearing a suit you need to know which suit, shirt, tie, etc. combo is going to be right for you and the occasion.  You may even want to mix and match your existing wardrobe pieces.  The choice is yours.  The following list of infographics for Men's Suits should give you a head start before you head out to get that new suit.  

Here's 25 infographics from around the web to help get you started:

1. Tie DIY - Every Knot You Need to Know

(Image courtesy of Visually)

2. A Visual Guide to Matching Suits and Shoes

(Image courtesy of 9gag.com)

3. How a Shirt Should Fit

(Image courtesy of Imgur.com)

4. How to Fold a Pocket Square

(Image courtesy of fashioninfographics.tumblr.com)

5. Visual Guide Outlines How Men's Suits Should Fit

(Image courtesy of Real Men Real Style)

6. Eleven Ways to Tie a Scarf

(Image courtesy of Diply)

7. A Man's Guide to Suspenders

(Image courtesy of Real Men Real Style)

8. How to Pick Out a Tie

(Image courtesy of Looksgud)

9. Collars and Cuffs

(Image courtesy of luvandido.com)

10. A Man's Guide to the Vest

(Image courtesy of Real Men Real Style)

11. Men's Suits - The Essential Guide

(Image courtesy of 99wtf.net)
12. Five Ways to Wear a Navy Suit

(Image courtesy of Real Men Real Style)

13. The Best Suit for Every Body Type

(Image courtesy of Business Insider)

14. Suit & Shoe Color Matching Chart

(Image courtesy of Oliver Sweeney)

15. Break it Down:  The Suit

(Image courtesy of Nordstrom's)

16. Matching Collars to Ties

(Image courtesy of LooksGud)

17. Ultimate Guide to the Bow Tie

(Image courtesy of Real Men Real Style)

18. Professional Pairings

(Image courtesy of Bows-N-Ties)

19. Right vs Wrong: How a Suit Should Fit

(Image courtesy of Real Men Real Style)

20. Men's Jacket Guide

(Image courtesy of tie-a-tie.net)

21. What Color Suit Should I Buy?

(Image courtesy of Cladwell.com)

22. Cheat Sheet: Ties & Pocket Squares

(Image courtesy of looklingerlove.com)

23. Fifty Pocket Square Folds

(Image courtesy of tie-a-tie.net)

24. How to Fold a Dress Shirt

(Image courtesy of Bows-N-Ties)

25. Three Ways to Pack a Suit Jacket

(Image courtesy of Real Men Real Style)

Bonus:  Difference Between British, Italian, & American Suit Styles

(Image courtesy of Real Men Real Style)

Here's some examples of Men's Suits from around the web:


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