Marvel's Jessica Jones: Trailers, Photos, and Background (2018)

Today is March 8, 2018 Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 2 is set to be released on Netflix.  The show stars Krysten Ritter (Jessica Jones), Rachael Taylor (Trish Walker), Eka Darville (Malcolm Ducasse), J.R. Ramirez (Oscar), Carrie-Anne Moss (Jeri Hogarth), and more! 

Season 1 is also available on Netflix and the premise is that "ever since her short-lived stint as a superhero ended in tragedy, Jessica Jones has been rebuilding her personal life and career as a hot-tempered, sardonic private detective in Hell's Kitchen, New York City.  Plagued by self-loathing and a wicked case of PTSD, Jessica battles demons from within and without, using her extraordinary abilities as an unlikely champion for those in need . . . especially if they're willing to cut her a check." (IMDb)


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Jessica Campbell Jones Cage was created by writer Brian Michael Bendis and artist Michael Gaydos, and she first appeared in Alias #1 (November 2001), a Max imprint.  Within the context of Marvel's shared universe, Jones is a former superhero who becomes the owner and sole employee of Alias Private Investigations.  Bendis originally envisioned the series centered on Jessica Drew and only decided to create Jones once he noticed that the main character had a distinct voice and background that differentiated her from Drew.

(Image courtesy of Marvel)

Jones has since starred in three ongoing series, Alias, The Pulse, and Jessica Jones.  Alias ran for 28 issues before ending in 2004, while The Pulse ran for 14 issues from April 2004 to May 2006.  Jessica Jones debuted in October 2016.  She became a member of the New Avengers, alongside her husband, Luke Cage, during Marvel's 2010 Heroic Age campaign.  She has used various aliases throughout her history, including Jewel, Knightress, and Power Woman.  The character has been adapted into various forms of media outside of comic books; in 2015, she made her live-action debut in the Marvel Cinematic Universe with the Netflix television series Marvel's Jessica Jones, and in 2017's The Defenders, portrayed by Krysten Ritter.

(Image courtesy of Marvel)

In a 2005 interview, Bendis claimed:

"Originally, Alias was going to star Jessica Drew, but it became something else entirely.  Which is good, because had we used Jessica, it would have been off continuity and bad storytelling." Previously, Bendis commented, "I was at one time toying with doing Jessica Drew [in Alia] because she has the best hair of any superhero in comics, but this book is entirely different than what that idea was to be."

By the time Bendis was actively developing the title, Jones was his central character, one with a distinct background and voice from Drew's.


Midtown High student Jessica Campbell goes to school with Peter Parker, on whom she has a crush and is present when he is bitten by the irradiated spider which gives him radioactive powers.  Jessica's father receives tickets for Disney World from his boss Tony Stark.  On the way home, their car collides with a military convoy carrying radioactive chemicals.  Her family is killed, and she spends several months in a coma. Upon waking, she is placed in an orphanage and adopted by the Jones family.  Jessica later discovers that her radiation exposure granted her super strength, limited invulnerability, and flight.  Jessica's adoptive parents re-enroll her at Midtown High, where she is ostracized by her classmates, especially Flash Thompson.  Peter Parker (who has since become Spider-Man) senses in Jessica a kindred spirit--someone who has also lost her family due to a tragic circumstance.  Jessica mistakes his kind attention for pity and lashes out at him.  She later witnesses a fight between Spider-Man and the villain Sandman in her school.  This inspires her to use her abilities for positive ends.  (Wikipedia)

(Image courtesy of Marvel)

Are you excited to watch Marvel's Jessica Jones Season 2?


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