DRESS CODE: 10 Infographics for Men's Business Casual from Around the Web (2017)

I'm 39 years old and my favorite outfit is a black tee, gray sweat pants, a black White Sox fitted cap and sneakers.  Unfortunately, this outfit isn't appropriate for every situation.  Whether you're getting ready for Casual Friday at work or just trying to step it up a little, every guy can use a little assistance in how to dress up from time to time.  That's where the Internet comes in.  Here is a collection of Men's Business Casual Infographics from around the web for your use along with some examples of how these outfits may look on you.

1. Dressing Sharp for One Week with Only 13 Items

(Image courtesy of LooksGud)

2. Men's Guide to Perfect Pants-Shirt Combination

(Image courtesy of myWebRoom)

3. Rugged Interchangeable Wardrobe

(Image courtesy of Real Men Real Style)

4. Hot Weather Interchangeable Wardrobe

(Image courtesy of  Real Men Real Style)

5. 10 Wardrobe Essentials Every Man Should Own

(Image courtesy of Mens Fashion Magazine)

6. The Ultimate Guide to Jean Fit

(Image courtesy of RMRS)

7. Five Ways to Wear a Polo Shirt

(Image courtesy of Real Men Real Style)

8. How a Shirt Should Fit

(Image courtesy of Real Men Real Style)

9. How to Roll Your Sleeves Up

(Images courtesy of Real Men Real Style)

10. The Military Tuck

(Image courtesy of Real Men Real Style)



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